Tom Dove Korda

“I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world carp fishing, but every now and then a venue stands out from the rest – Orellana is one of them – I really have to return in the future to settle some scores. What a place!”

kristoff cuderman

It has been three years since my last fishing session at any of the world’s big open lakes. It was about time to visit one again. New country, new lake, new crazy adventure and of course a new high goal. I decided to do a session in Spain. My girlfriend Marina and I travelled to 5000 ha big lake Orellana with a goal of catching a 50 lb+ carp (22,7 kg+).

Tony Celiz/ Winter on River Guadiana

“Spanish road trip!”
“6 months ago my friend and fishing guide Pepe from Orellana Carp, mentioned to me the stunning river carp in the Extremadura region of Spain and the challenge of trying to coax them out of mile upon mile of sunken trees and snags.

Having already sampled lake Orellana last autumn I was keen to see what else this region had to offer and have always loved a bit of snag fishing ?


As part of my time in Spain I fished Orellana, River Guadiana and visited Sierra Brava. Each place having its own individual attractions.  Orellana for the challenge, the shear scale of the lake, the huge fish and awesome views, then the river Guadiana for its secretive, wild and intimate river fishing then finally sierra brava for a more chilled experience with green rolling hills spreading down to the lake. I enjoyed them all and not just fishing but also that part of old Spain. Loads of love for Pepe and the guys to,  they could not have been more helpful nothing was to much trouble. Im already looking forward to my next visit.

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