The immense and magnificent Lake Orellana in Spain is arguably one of the last remaining ‘untouched’ Massive wild carp waters in Europe!
Set within the beautiful Extremadura;  a western Spanish region bordering Portugal, which is made up of the provinces of Cáceres and Badajoz. This is  a remote area of mountains, forests, lakes and reserves, notably Monfragüe National Park and Cornalvo Natural Park, both sheltering diverse wildlife. This is a paradise of Spanish desert, full of Oases, be it rivers, streams, natural pools or reservoirs. lake Orellana is the Jewel in the crown of wild Spanish lakes. It is simply mind-blowing in size and because of its untouched natural beauty, it’s rapidly become known as the Mecca of Europe’s big Carp lakes, a true under the radar gem, in every sense……….
Exploring Extremadura is a journey into the heart of old Spain, from the country’s finest Roman ruins to mysterious medieval cities and time-worn villages, which in many areas fringe the remote shores of lake Orellana.

At over 20,000 acres Orellana is one of the largest reservoirs in Spain;  it was created in the 1930s via the damming of the Guadiana river. It’s truly  the lake that time has almost forgotten……. It has preserved all of this cultural and historical background for generations and only now is it beginning to invite the outside Carp world into its domain.

Spain’s best kept secret!

As well as offering some of the most exciting, under the radar, wild carp fishing in Europe, Experience one of Spain’s most untouched regions, with its delectable food culture, Roman architecture, and spectacular natural landscapes……..

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