The immense and magnificent Lake Orellana in Spain is arguably one of the last remaining ‘untouched’ Massive wild carp waters in Europe!
Set within the beautiful Extremadura;  a western Spanish region bordering Portugal, which is made up of the provinces of Cáceres and Badajoz. This is  a remote area of mountains, forests, lakes and reserves, notably Monfragüe National Park and Cornalvo Natural Park, both sheltering diverse wildlife. This is a paradise of Spanish desert, full of Oases, be it rivers, streams, natural pools or reservoirs. lake Orellana is the Jewel in the crown of wild Spanish lakes. It is simply mind-blowing in size and because of its untouched natural beauty, it’s rapidly become known as the Mecca of Europe’s big Carp lakes, a true under the radar gem, in every sense……….
Exploring Extremadura is a journey into the heart of old Spain, from the country’s finest Roman ruins to mysterious medieval cities and time-worn villages, which in many areas fringe the remote shores of lake Orellana.

At over 20,000 acres Orellana is one of the largest reservoirs in Spain;  it was created in the 1930s via the damming of the Guadiana river. It’s truly  the lake that time has almost forgotten……. It has preserved all of this cultural and historical background for generations and only now is it beginning to invite the outside Carp world into its domain.

These immaculate hard fighting wild Carp were first introduced in the 60s, left alone to thrive on an abundance of Crayfish and a perfect ecosystem. The numbers of massive Orellana Carp today are literally off the scale! We are talking thousands upon thousands of relatively young growing uncaught big carp with large numbers of the unknown new fish well into 70lb turning up each season. So far in 2019, we have seen 3 new Orellana 70lb fish, with a Spanish record Carp of 79lb, caught in March 2019! These are truly wild, massive Carp, no names, uncaught, and what dreams are made of…………….

We strongly believe Orellana will one day soon, produce a world record but so far we have only just scratched the surface of what surprises  lay beneath these vast warm remote waters of this very mystical inland sea!On average we expect to see all our guests successfully bank fish well into the 40’s during their Orellana adventure, with the chance of something very big and special turning up. It’s the unknown and potential that makes Orellana so unique, however this is not an easy water! Work hard and the rewards are there, but just being amongst the natural beauty of Orellana makes this such a unique adventure, it’s so much more than just a fishing trip, the natural beauty and remote tranquility of lake itself will blow you away….

Bookings with Orellana Carp couldn’t be any easier. Simply email us the dates you wish to fish, and our agents will check the availability and get back to you immediately.

Once an agent has confirmed your dates are ok, you can proceed via the online booking system found on our website.

The booking Fee is €200. Once paid and we’ve received this, you’ll be contacted via email by an Orellana Carp agent with an online confirmation, with all your trip details.
Your trip is then secured and fully booked!

We’ll then require your full inbound and outbound flight details ASAP to arrange your airport transfers.


Orellana Carp Sales Manager/ Bookings Agent

All Sales, inquiries and Bookings are managed and overseen by the trusted and recognized international Carp angler and Agent, Sam Jefferys from the UK. Sam will be available to help you throughout each stage of planning a trip to Orellana, from the initial enquiries, to booking and preparation, to news and updates from the lake and also support and advice during your trip. 


Owner of Orellana Carp and Guide

Owner Pepe, a big friendly character loved by all, who grew up on the banks of Orellana and knows the lake inside out. Pepe is today a key figure in the Spanish Carp scene. He will go out of his way to ensure each guest has the ultimate trip and hopefully experience of a lifetime and will be working to ensure your every need is met. Pepe who is also fluent in French and English will be working closely each day with our guides throughout your holiday.



Our fantastic, friendly guides will be working to put you onto fish, giving you the best possible chance of an Orellana Carp. On a water of this magnitude, local knowledge and a dedicated team of top guides are absolutely vital. We have placed great importance in building a team of guides capable of making the Orellana experience one of quality and success and as hassle free for you as possible!

Fishing with Orellana Carp, couldn’t be any easier! We provide quality all-inclusive packages, meaning you simply hop on a flight to Sevilla or Madrid armed with only your Reels, Bite Alarms, end tackle and clothing and we’ll be waiting to pick you up. A few hours later we’ll have you set up in sunny Spanish paradise in no time at all! There are regular all year round, cheap flights to Seville, from all European airports, so no hassle getting there.

NOTE- Unlike other tour companies offering trips to Orellana, ‘Orellana Carp’ provide all airport transfers, so there is no need to hire Cars to reach the lake. Sit back and let us pick you up and drop you off! We will take all the hassle out of your journey.
All equipment provided for our guests are tailor-made to suit big wild waters! Raptor boats, Lowrance sonars, 55lb Raptor motors, Fresh battery change each day, FOX, NASH, JRC/ bedchairs, rods, nets, bivvies, unhooking mats, Bait etc etc, we will provide it all.
This is a quality set up, designed for the serious Carp angler who is looking to take on the demanding nature of fishing a wild lake of this size, for the ultimate thrill of catching the unknown………There is no place like Orellana, both environmentally with its breathtaking wild surroundings and with a stock of massive uncaught wild carp, it’s true carp fishing paradise….

Spain is the home of the TigerNut!
Orellana Carp will provide all our guests with freshly prepared Tigers which can be ordered in advance prior to your trip, ready for your arrival.
Orellana in particular has an abundance of crayfish. Fortunately these crays tend to avoid tigers which allows us all to fish in peace…

We would say tigers are responsible for 80% of all carp caught on Orellana.

Boilies also account for a large number of Orellana fish, especially throughout the colder months.
We will also have a boilie in stock available to all our guests. This bait is used by the most successful Orellana anglers who have all had immense results in recent years.

By all means if you have a bait of preference, you are welcome to bring your own bait, or we can also provide you with a safe secure address to post your bait to.

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