Fresh Boiles Poacher 9 € / Kg


Spain is home of the TigerNut!
Orellana Carp will provide all our guests with freshly prepared Tigers which can be ordered in advance prior to your trip, ready for your arrival.
Orellana in particular has an abundance of crayfish. Fortunately these crays tend to avoid tigers which allows us all to fish in peace…

Boilies also account for a large number of Orellana fish, especially throughout the colder months.
We are delighted to have partnered with long time UK bait company Poacher Baits, who roll one of the finest quality tigernut baits in Europe!
The renowned Poacher Baits Tigernut and Maple frozen bait we stock, is made with a minimum of 50% tigernut meal of which Poacher Baits grind themselves. The remainder of the base mix is being made up of carbohydrate, soluble milk powders and flavoured with their own quality maple flavouring. A bait that has already smashed Orellana in only a few trips and works at treat fished alongside tigers..

By all means if you have a bait of preference, you are welcome to bring your own bait, or we can also provide you with a safe secure address to post your bait to.

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